About Kleinsee

Our History

Kleinzee or Kleinsee is a beautiful holiday destination.

This beautiful Diamond Coast town is on the west coast of the Northern Cape. It is 72km from Port Nolloth and 105km from Springbok.

Founded in 1927 and known for its diamond-mining operations, owned by De Beers. The name is Afrikaans for "small sea".

It lies at the mouth of the Buffels River. This river runs through the town but only has water approximately every ten years. The rest of the time it is a dry river bed. The town can only be reached by dirt road.

Kleinzee has numerous tourist attractions like fishing. The Black Bream is a medium sized fish of the Sparidae family. There are also abundant kelp beds along the shores. There are several shops to buy the necessities.

The weather is normally warm and sunny, unless the Atlantic Ocean mist creates a drop in temperature.

The Kleinzee Nature Reserve has over 100 indigenous plant species. For more information about this mysterious small town visitors can visit the Kleinzee Museum to find out about diamond mining and the natural environment. Kleinzee is also home to a huge seal colony of about 450 000. Also don't miss the nearby shipwreck.

Crazy Crayfish Diner

Visit our licensed restaurant ​with bar facilities.
Contact Nathaly :
073 547 4948

Golf Club

9 hole golf course on the banks of the Buffels river and the sea.
Contact Rudy : 084 768 9862

Fishing Club

Our licensed club house is on the seafront next to the fishermen's landing area
Contact : ​Joanne :
082 890 1004.

Duine rides and ship wrecks visits

4 x 4 routes and ship wreck visits between Kleinsee and Hondeklip Bay .
Contact Rodville :
076 642 0868

Inland Salt lake

Gather cristals and see flamingoes

Kleinsee Spa and swimming pool

Visit us for a revatilizing experience


Butchery, Bottle store, OK Grocer, Hardware shop, 3 Cafes

Coffe Shops

Stop over at one of various coffee shops